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Heavy Equipment Rentals

What Do I Need to Know About Water Tower Rentals?

When your work requires you to find heavy equipment rentals, it may not be an easy decision to make. When you need water tower rentals, you usually have a specific need. Water towers are specialized vehicles that have a tank in the bank that is meant for water. The water tower has a hydraulic system with spray nozzles that control the spray of the water. You can use water tower rentals for a large number of jobs that cross over many different industries. There are heavy equipment rentals options when you need to move a large amount of water. While there are many water tower options you can choose from; there are some similarities in all water towers.

Water towers have a front section where the driver sits. The controls that sit in the front section of the tower allow the driver to control where the water goes and how much of it goes. Depending on your needs, the tank in the rear of the tower can hold anywhere from 500 gallons to 5,000 gallons. The water tower has equipment specifically for pumping the water. It takes the water from the tank and sends it where it needs to go using nozzles that have been pressurized or a dip bar. The nozzles might be on the side of the front of the tank, on water cannons, or on hose reels. There are different size water towers that can be helpful depending on your specific needs. Smaller water towers can get into areas that large ones cannot. Water towers control dust, which can help to ensure that the workers in a specific area are safe. When the dust in an area is controlled, it minimizes irritation in the lungs and eyes. It can reduce the symptoms of allergies. It can help with the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.

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